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Helpful Graphics is a low-pressure, moderately-expensive, high-performance, moonshot-dreaming design and print studio based in Greenville, PA.

Web Design
& Development

Every high-quality business needs a high-quality website. But too many companies in Small Town America are saddled with an expensive website that costs too much and delivers too little.

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Sign & Banner
Design & Printing

Signs carry messages deeper than the words printed on them. The graphics, font, and material communicate a message about your company’s identity and character.

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Small Format Print Design
& Production

High-quality materials and professional design create a difference you can see and feel. It conveys a message to consumers that your business is professional and concerned with value.

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Why I'm Here
A message from the owner:

The Short Version

I live here. I like it here. I do what I can to make it more beautiful.

The Long Version

My family moved to Greenville in 2021, after a multiyear search to find a community where we could put down roots and get involved. We wanted a place where our children can play outside and we can know our neighbors. We decided to settle in Small Town America.

I've been a designer all my adult life, and I have worked on some big projects with nationwide companies. Seeing how the major players do things led me to realize there is an opportunity for small towns like ours (and yours).

Local businesses can still be the lifeblood of this country. We can do this by raising the bar for how small businesses present themselves.

There is no reason the local mechanic, pizza place, or grocery store cannot out-compete the national chains. Small businesses deliver better services, know the community, and treat customers like family.

All they need is a foot in the door. That begins with first impressions. I believe that high-quality media like signs and graphics can win over new customers, revitalize local businesses, and strengthen our community. I’m here to make that happen.

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Great Design at Good Prices

We want to do something that is genuinely revolutionary. Imagine a world where the businesses around you are run and owned by your neighbors. Imagine the money you spend staying in your town. Imagine living in a community, not just a city.

How can we create a community? If we give local businesses tools and support to thrive, how many young people would get involved and settle down here?

The image of our local businesses is crucial. People want to shop local, but only if they feel it’s worthwhile. And nothing feels better than walking into a business that has been carefully laid out and designed with the customer in mind.

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